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Online casino games are very popular in the modern gaming world mainly because of their convenience and exciting features. From slot machines to classic table games, they have built a loyal fanbase of players who like winning money without having to take a trip to the casino. In this article, we will be taking a close look at Live Baccarat which is one of the most popular online casino games you will find in the market.

What is Live Baccarat?

Baccarat, as many gamblers will know, is a casino table card game that originated during the 15th century in Europe. The game involves multiple card decks that are stored in a box called a ‘shoe’. The game has several different variants including English Baccarat, American Baccarat and French Baccarat. It is one of the most popular table games you will find in any casino across the globe. Live Baccarat is the online version of the classic game except unlike traditional baccarat, you can play it as you go, whether it’s on your laptop or your cellphone. When you play Live baccarat online, you get to interact with real life dealers, trained to handle online gamblers and deal effectively with any trolls who might be abusing the site. The dealers do their best to make you feel like you are in a physical casino, from greeting you as you take a seat to helping you out with any problems or questions you might have during the game. What makes live baccarat online game play so fascinating is that it includes the same sounds and features that remind players of playing at the casino while also creatively including unique features that players are not familiar with.

How to play Live Baccarat

Like we mentioned earlier, Live Baccarat is very much like regular Baccarat in style and game play. The only time this differs is when you are playing variations of the game such as French Baccarat. The main objective of live baccarat is to beat your dealer. This is accomplished by getting a hand value that is as close to 9 points as possible. Before every deal, you have the chance to place a bet on the hand you think will win. It’s possible to place a wager on your dealer’s hand as well. If you guess right, you win! While this sounds pretty straightforward, there are a few other things you need to know about playing Live baccarat online:

• Understand the card values- Unlike Blackjack, aces, jacks, kings and queens are not worth 10 points. Aces in Baccarat are worth just 1 point while symbol cards are worth 0 points. However, the number cards are worth their numerical values just like Blackjack.

• Understand the main game play- When playing baccarat, both the dealer and the player will be dealt their own individual hands. If these hands are equal in value, the game is tied and you get your bet back. If the player’s hand is closer to 9 points than the dealer’s hand, you win and vice versa.

• Placing your bets- Many Live baccarat sites come with the option to place real money wagers during each game. In this case, there is a panel on the screen where you can choose to select either the maximum bet or the minimum bet. If you don’t like playing for money, you can always opt for the Live baccarat online free play which grants you all the features of the game minus the risk of losing your money. The only downside to Live baccarat free online game play is that if you win big, you cannot collect your earnings. As such, we always recommend betting something, even if it is the bare minimum. You can keep track of your funds by checking the balance icon on your screen. In general, the game will notify you if you cannot afford to place your chosen bet.

Live Baccarat Strategies

Overall, live baccarat is not the hardest table game you could ever play. Most of the time, a good stroke of luck is all you need to win decent amounts of money but even the best online live baccarat players need a strategy or two to help better their chances. Here are some key strategies to note down if you want to really enjoy live baccarat:

• Bet on your dealer
It’s not uncommon for dealers to win at least half or even more than half of all games. So, when you bet on your dealer, there’s a 50-55% chance that you’ll get something.

• Don’t bet on a dealer immediately after they lose
So, the dealer loses…what next? While it’s tempting to keep betting on the dealer, we recommend pausing for a while then betting on later hands. The best strategy is to wait one round then bet on the winner of said round. However, if the dealer seems to be on a role, keep betting on them until they lose.

• If you lose, bet again
Yes, we just told you to pause the betting after a loss…the dealer’s loss! If you, the player, loses it is a good idea to keep betting only instead of betting on yourself, bet on the dealer. It’s very common after a player’s loss for the dealer to go on a small winning streak. By betting on the dealer, you get to cash in on their winnings.

• Manage your money wisely
Even some of the live best online baccarat players fall victim to poor money management from time to time. If you look at baccarat from the stand point of a traditional coin flip, the odds of winning are always 50/50. You either bet on the right hand or you lose. As such, you always need to make sure that you are managing your funds properly and if you notice that the coin keeps landing on the wrong side, stop, walk away and come back much later. You can even switch to playing live baccarat for free online if your account balance is depleting. One benefit of switching to free play is getting to try out new strategies to better your chances when you do switch back to playing for real money.

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