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With both physical and online casinos evolving as the years go by, you can’t deny that some classics are still as popular as they were decades ago. One example is Live Blackjack which continues to be a top contender among premium table games. This is largely because Live Blackjack is easy to understand and despite new variations being introduced, the gameplay is welcoming to even the most inexperienced of players.

What is Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack is very much like the classic blackjack you play in a real life casino except you get to play from home or on the go. When you play live blackjack online, you get an in-depth virtual experience complete with a real-life dealer that you can tip and interact with as you play. Aside from the benefit of being able to play without ever leaving your house, you can play Live Blackjack online for free if you don’t like the idea of betting actual money. This makes it a great game for newcomers still trying to figure things out without potentially losing money in the process. Unlike regular online blackjack, live blackjack includes sounds, themes and player-dealer interaction that brings the entire game to life and places you right at the centre of the casino. If you find a really good version of live blackjack, you also get added sounds of fellow dealers and players in the background which is a subtle and nice touch that adds an element of authenticity to the game. Not only can you play Live Blackjack online but, with new and improved apps being created, it’s becoming a lot easier to play it on your mobile devices and tablets.

How do you play Live Blackjack?

As we’ve mentioned above, the Live Blackjack rules are very simple. You main objective is to beat your dealer. This is accomplished by ensuring your dealer busts or by scoring higher points than your dealer without busting. Of course, if you are new to live blackjack online game play, that might be tricky so we will explain below everything you need to know about playing Live Blackjack.

• Do not bust- First things first, it’s key to always remember that you need to keep the card values below 21 points. Anything over that value is a bust which means you lose the game.

• Understand the card values- From card 2 to card 10, the value matches the number on the card. However, other symbol cards carry different values with the Ace being worth 11 or 1. The jack, queen and king cards are all valued at 10 points.

• Get started by placing your bets- Although it is possible to enjoy Live Blackjack free online game play on many different platforms and sites, we always encourage players, both inexperienced and seasoned, to place real money wagers for a more exciting experience. Each hand you play begins with placing a chosen bet which is represented by virtual chips that resemble real life chips. Once you’ve made your choice, the chips are placed in a designated space on your screen which represents the betting space you find in physical casinos.

• Understand the deal- At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt with cards during the initial deal. After that, each player is then individually asked by the dealer what their next move is. This is when you, the player, can decide what to do; split, double down, stand or hit? If your choice is to split, double down or hit, you are dealt with the remainder of your cards. If you win, you receive your winnings but if you bust or get a lower score than the dealer, your chips will be taken away. When each hand starts, you get to place new bets and you’re dealt with a new hand.

• Chat rules- As we mentioned earlier, when you play live blackjack online, you get to interact with an actual dealer. Some of the best online live blackjack versions even offer the chance to interact with fellow players. Unfortunately, over the years some players have taken advantage of the feature and used it to abuse and harass fellow players and dealers. As such, various Live Blackjack sites have taken serious measures to ensure that players caught violating chat rules will be blocked from using the feature or kicked off the site permanently if they continuously receive infractions. Other sites have chosen not to include the feature altogether to avoid any hassle. With such sites, you can only watch the gameplay but you can’t interact.

What are some useful Live Blackjack strategies?

Live Blackjack is very different from other classic online casino games in that it requires more skill than luck to win. If you have ever played Live baccarat online for example, then you should be familiar with strategising to increase your winnings during games. That being said, even if you are playing live Blackjack for free, it is always nice to learn key strategies to better your game. There are a few things you need to know if you want to improve your chances of winning live blackjack. You can open an account with one of the new casino sites available in the UK and start trying the below strategies. Our suggestion is to start with

• The further away you sit from your dealer, the better
For seasoned players, this is one of the easiest strategies to better your chances of winning your hand. Sitting far away from the dealer allows you to keep an eye on the cards that are being played which allows you to create the best winning strategy possible.

• Pace yourself
The best strategy when you’re playing live blackjack is to play a single hand during each game. This is helpful if you have another playing strategy as it allows you to focus on that specific hand, eliminating all possible distractions to increase your chances of winning.

• Pick the right platform to play
This might not sound like a master strategy but, it will come in handy if you make smart choices. The best live online Blackjack platforms are those that offer special promos and bonuses for players. For best live casino sites you can visit our website. Bonuses not only add more value to your total bankroll but they also give players the chance to play for extended periods of time.
There are plenty of other useful strategies you can try out to better your chances of earning more money. For beginners, playing live Blackjack for free online can help you practice your strategies before trying them out for real money.


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